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Photos by Dóra Zalka

You are warmly invited to the 6th Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry of South-East Europe (6th RSE-SEE) that will be held in Balatonkenese, Hungary from 11 to 15 June 2017 at the Hotel Telekom.

The RSE-SEE meeting was first organized in Rovinj (Red Island), Croatia in 2009 as a scientific conference of a special type which gives an opportunity for the electrochemists of the region to come together, to present their recent results, exchange their ideas concerning the state-of-art problems of electrochemistry and also to carry out intensive discussions of key issues related to the research and applications of electrochemical science as well as to enhance the co-operation between the participants. The first, very successful meeting has been followed by four other symposia in Belgrade, Serbia in 2010, in Bucharest, Romania in 2012, in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2013 and in Pravetz, Bulgaria in 2015; all of those fulfilled the expectations in every respects.

The scientific theme of the meeting “Renaissance of Electrochemistry in the 21th century and its effect on the development of South-East Europe” underscores the key role of electrochemistry as a fundamental discipline in the many areas of societal needs from the energy area where large scale utilization of fuel cells and batteries plays an important role to the health care where sensitive detection of glucose level in blood and biocompounds is of primary importance.

The RSE-SEE Series


Following five successful symposia in Croatia, Serbia, Romania, Slovenia and Bulgaria, the Sixth Regional Symposium on Electrochemistry – South East Europe (RSE–SEE) will be hosted by Hungary in June 2017, supported by the electrochemical societies of the region, represented by 17 countries.


Building on already established traditions, RSE – SEE 6 crosses regional borders, creating a common platform for scientists and experts from regional and international research and industrial institutions to share knowledge, ideas and achievements, to create personal contacts, to carry fruitful discussions in a friendly environment on the latest scientific and technical developments in electrochemical science and technology.


The RSE–SEE6 technical exhibition will bring together producers of electrochemical equipment with scientists.
The Proceedings of RSE–SEE6 will be published in Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering, an open-access journal (www.jeseonline.org).